Perseo 3T is the Silvelox security door with Class 4 anti-burglar certification.

The protection level of Class 4 Anti-Burglary ensures resistance to silent but destructive burglary attempts such as large screwdrivers and crowbars.

The concealed hinge, an exclusive Silvelox patent

Superior technical performance as well as refined attention to detail are expressed in the concealed hinge, which allows the door to open at 135 degrees and creates a coplanar effect between the internal panel and the framed frame. This type of hinge makes the Silvelox entrance door ideal for insertion in wall coverings and boiserie, as it allows the panel to be coplanar with the covering. It is also suitable for use in interiors where an armoured door is to be inserted, for example to separate a living area from a sleeping area, accompanying it with interior doors because it allows the aesthetic effect of an interior door to be maintained without sacrificing burglar-proof requirements.

Perseo 3T ensures high performance in terms of efficiency, security and living comfort

Secur Therm is a triple fold system that provides increased security against break-ins while also ensuring high thermal performance.

The innovative patented 3-strike system and security cylinders offer excellent burglary-resistant performance (burglar-resistant class 3).

The floor sill and triple rebate gasket guarantee high acoustic insulation performance and thermal efficiency