Garage doors

Silvelox garage doors are designed to combine only the best of Made in Italy quality, thanks to high performance materials and unique, timeless designs. The production system guarantees an unparalleled level of customization, which can rely on innovative technological systems. 

The quality and customization of Made in Italy products.

For over 60 years Silvelox has been making garage doors that are the result of continuous research, aiming at technological innovation that is always ahead of its time. The production process that leads to the creation of each product is based on some of the highest quality standards, which allows the company to be able to assure each of its customers of the reliability and certainty of products that fully reflect everyone’s needs and tastes.

A design that knows how to overcome the trends of the moment, thanks in part to its constant collaboration with the most famous architects, and that aims for 360° customization. Users, in fact, are supported every step of the way, thus enabling the creation of ad hoc products that take into account all design, technical and functional needs. 

The choice of the wide range of models, aesthetic solutions, colors and finishes, makes it possible to make garage doors that can fit into the most diverse uses, both indoor and outdoor, so as to fit harmoniously into any architectural context. Silvelox’s long experience in this field has enabled it over time to become a leader in the manufacture of unique, burglar resistant certified garage doors. They are available either with an up and over type mechanics with a self raising counterweight system and no ceiling guides or with a sectional mechanics with ceiling guides. 

Whatever the need, every customer will be able to count on quick lead times and the highest level of professionalism covering every stage of the products’ work, from their design, wood and metalwork, painting, assembly, testing, disassembly and finally shipping.

The models of garage doors available in the extensive catalog, such as sectional doors, overhead doors, motorized or manual, are customizable in every respect and made to measure, so as to best suit each car garage on which they will be installed. If desired, they can also be combined, at the customer’s request, with the Silvelox security entrance door via our Wall_Concept wall covering to achieve a harmonious architectural effect in all respects. 

A wide range of accessories are also available, so you can make your garage door unique and highly functional, such as portholes and glazed sections, pedestrian door, motorization, additional security devices, grilles, and possibly provision for connection to the alarm system.

Security thanks to the most innovative anti burglary technologies and the reliability of the Silvelox garage door are primary features for the company, as well as the search for novel solutions that contemplate great energy savings, along with soundproofing. All elements that place this company as the obligatory choice for all users looking for a Made in Italy product with a tailor-made cut and safe certifications in the field of soundproofing and thermal transmittance.

Another major focus of Silvelox is on sustainability and environmental protection, which has led the company to join Bosco Silvelox, an initiative that pairs the purchase of a Silvelox wooden garage door with the planting of a tree in Trento which was heavily affected by Storm Vaia in 2018.

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