Security Doors

Silvelox security doors are characterized by craftsmanship, certified quality and innovative technology. They are beautiful, environmentally friendly and 100% Made in Italy. 

The security door represents one of the classic security devices for protecting residential structures from intrusion and break-in attempts that may be made by malicious parties. Ideal to be installed in both commercial/work buildings as well as domestic dwellings, not surprisingly, condominium doors are particularly popular.

Silvelox has been offering security doors and gates for over 60 years. Unique and highly customizable products, made totally to measure including the standard security door sizes 80×210 and 90×210. The Research and Development division guarantees the best quality standards in the industry, accomplice to the many patents achieved, including those specific to different models of security doors.

Maximum strength, including that guaranteed by the security fire door, durability, timeless beauty, originality and design-these are the hallmarks of Silvelox’s wide assortment of security doors. Also the lock, is equipped with a European security profile cylinder in which there are components of the armored door such as latches, latch, cylinder. A complex system, just as required of a door that has that extra something as the security door.

Silvelox solutions characterised by the care of the raw materials used, such as aluminum, iron, glass and wood, which are of high quality and have a low environmental impact. Attention to the lowest possible impact on the environment also takes place in the other stages of the supply chain, where there is no shortage of automated systems to make the most delicate operations cheaper, faster and more precise. 

Silvelox security doors are perfect for all rooms in the home. Security doors for outdoors as well as indoors, which can be equipped, at the customer’s request, with the most advanced electronic components, offering all the advantages of the most innovative digital technology. They range from aluminum doors for outdoors, perfect for the entrance, to refined glass models up to the armored door flush with the wall. There is also no shortage of items achieved in compliance with the highest standards from the point of view of security, as confirmed by burglar-resistant class 3 and 4. 

The handles of every Silvelox security door are made under the sign of the highest quality and efficiency in cooperation with the Partner DND Handles. For more than 60 years, we have been constantly investing resources in R&D projects, thanks in part to the collaboration of an efficient team of experts engaged in the creation of handcrafted products that are adapted to the most diverse uses and operating conditions, both indoor and outdoor. DND Handles that, from materials to design, from production to finishes, is a leader in the production of Italian handles for prestigious international projects is the ideal partner of Silvelox with the aim of enhancing the Made in Italy to offer its customers even more complete technology and refinement in the use of materials. 

The security door service remains constantly available, at the customer’s side for any eventuality.

A quality, that of Silvelox security doors, which has led the company to be known and appreciated in Italy and abroad, establishing itself as one of the realities of excellence of Made in Italy.

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