Added value in the renovation of historic centres.

Silvelox manufactures custom-made HISTORIC sash doors in full respect of the architectural features of the place and personal styles.

For decades Silvelox products have been recognised by the Superintendence of Fine Arts for buildings of interest and by the Italian Association of Historical Houses.

Silvelox’s HISTORICO doors are born from the ability to combine the know-how acquired in over 60 years of experience in the production of wooden doors and technologically advanced solutions to be a complement for the total renovation of the facades of buildings in historical centres.

Silvelox’s craftsmanship allows it to reproduce elements of door craftsmanship, such as rustications and inserts, combined with the design skill of fitting leaf doors with new motorisation systems with recessed floor or telescopic arms, guaranteeing functionality while respecting the historical and aesthetic constraints of the context in which they are inserted.

Silvelox manufactures HISTORIC doors that can reproduce the aesthetics of the old portal or to the architect’s specific design. Each phase, from design to realisation, is followed by a team of expert technicians and is taken care of by specialised operators who, from design to the selection of materials, from the evaluation of wood essences to installation, scrupulously follow its realisation.

Arm on the panel or inserted in the upper crossbar

Double or single leaf, opening inwards or outwards

Concealed without floor space, with remote lock opening

Wooden door with 80 mm thickness


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