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Silvelox proposes two systems of sectional doors with vertical sliding: one with rotating spring shaft (SR serie) and one with vertical traction springs (SRV serie).


A sectional garage door is made by horizontal panels, connected to each other by hinges; the panels slide vertically until they are parallel to the ceiling, at the end of the opening. This particular mechanism allows to use the whole space inside the garage. (Standard) Maximum dimensions are W = 7,5 m and H = 3,25 m, after an accurate evaluation by the technical office it is possible to provide greater dimensions.

Sectional doors besides granting people safety and respect the environment.

They are actually made of non-polluting materials (exempt from CFC) which allow the thermal insulation and at the same time enable energy saving.

SR and SRV range of products includes models with both steel and wooden insulated panels.

With internal LED lighting

Embedeed into the leaf

Insulated steel and wooden panels


App for opening the door by using your smartphone


Virtual showroom

Thanks to the Virtual Showroom, you can view Silvelox’s wide range of products directly online: security doors, garage doors, armored glass doors, entry doors and many more.