Architectural systems

The Architectural Systems developed by Silvelox, are designed for those who conceive the architecture of their home in a modern key and want to embellish their home with a solution that combines practicality and comfort with the high aesthetic performance of an architectural project of high value. The garage nowadays is no longer seen as a secondary place to be given little value, but a space to be studied and organized in the best possible way, which needs products and openings that fully integrate with the architectural system in which it is inserted. Silvelox is able to offer customized solutions so as to meet any need, thanks to high quality materials and a construction system characterized by state-of-the-art production. 

The new architectural system that Silvelox has developed stems from the desire to offer its most attentive customers state-of-the-art solutions that can satisfy even its most demanding users in terms of aesthetics and comfort. This new system, called Wall_Concept, takes its cue from the new architectural trends of recent years that have led to consider modern garages, no longer spaces to be relegated to basements, but architectural elements with a high aesthetic value, able to integrate fully into the facades of today’s homes. 

Silvelox, always careful to anticipate new trends, has decided to give its customers the opportunity to choose to integrate their garage with the front door, thus coming to create an architectural envelope under the banner of union and continuity. In this way, the garage becomes part of a real residential project, this also thanks to the close collaboration that the company has always had with the most established architects, in its more than 60 years of activity and experience.

An ambitious project, which aims to give the opportunity to fully experience this environment, elevating it to an enjoyable space and transforming it into an undisputed protagonist of the home’s aesthetics. All this without ever neglecting attention to the aspects of sustainability and environmental protection, especially in the choice of a valuable and renewable material such as wood. Silvelox has long been involved in a reforestation project in the areas affected by storm Vaia in 2018, going so far as to link the sale of a wooden garage door to the planting of a tree in the Valsugana area.

Whether it is renovations or projects from scratch, it is always important to keep in mind how to integrate garage doors and their finishes with those of the building and its surroundings. This is why Silvelox has always been committed to offering custom solutions, 100% customized, thanks to many colors, models and more than 300 finishes in the catalog, both wooden and using special materials such as corten, concrete and resins.  

A wide range of designs and accessories, such as the addition of additional security devices, grilles, windows, pedestrian doors, and provision for connection to the alarm system, which make the realization of this type of architectural systems ad hoc products with a tailor-made cut. The entrance door, garage door, and cladding are complemented by these accessories and the clever use of lights, turning into a continuous system under the supervision of the designer and the user himself, so as to create elegant and innovative solutions.

Silvelox entry doors, which can be fully matched, are also equipped with concealed hinges, ensuring a unique effect of continuity, which can be complemented by the insertion of boiserie or interior paneling. The modern production of this Made in Italy company ensures expert in house processing of wood and metal, with painting and assembly, capable of following the customer through 360 degrees, thanks also to highly qualified staff. In addition, all products are safe and burglar proof certified, with excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation, meeting all current European laws.

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