Silvelox and sustainability

See the 2022 sustainability report of Silvelox Group S.p.a.

Silvelox Group S.p.a.’s Sustainability Report for the year 2022 reaffirms the company’s commitment to vigorously pursue its sustainability strategy in compliance with the UN’s Ten Principles and Sustainable Development Goals under the 2030 Agenda

Projects dedicated to the well- being of environment and people

Offering a product of excellence to customers, following sustainable production processes that can contribute concretely to environmental well-being: these are the goals, the value of Silvelox’s work. The company promotes innovative projects that can reduce the environmental impact of the operating chain.

Silvelox works by always paying close attention to the issue of sustainability. Low environmental impact is a feature that permeates every step of the production liera, thanks to the activation of various important social and cultural projects.

On the one hand is the Silvelox Forest, a project that aims to restore the share of trees felled during the Vaia storm in October 2018. The customer who buys a wooden garage door will contribute to the planting of new trees through a partnership with Silvelox.

On the other, the active collaboration with the Arte Sella association, which allows Silvelox to actively participate in the installation of 100% biodegradable museum works.

The Silvelox Forest

We contribute to greening the future of our planet

The Silvelox Forest represents a strength for the Italian company, an element of pride that sees the company concretely committed to the creation of value for the ecosystem. Silvelox contributed financially and logistically to the organization of the “One Tree, One Future” event held in April 2022 in Busa Granda.

The event, organized by the Pergine ASUC and the Trento Province Forestry Corps, featured the Participation of fifth graders from Pergine Valsugana elementary school.

During the event, new seedlings were planted with the aim of promoting, actively, the growth of a new big forest. Thanks to the participation of the local Forestry Station, participants planted 2,400 small larch (Larix Decidua), 300 beech (Fagus Sylvatica) seedlings and 300 maple (Acer Pseudoplantanus) seedlings.

We preserve beauty to protect the planet

The Italian company, which specializes in the design and manufacture of garage doors and armored doors, chooses every day a sustainability policy oriented toward the well-being of people and the environment. Embracing a circular economy system, Silvelox preserves the beauty and health of nature, ensuring a better future for new generations.

Solar panels

The company’s premises have powerful solar panels that generate 700,000 kw/year of energy, saving 460 tons of ground gas and 210 tons of diesel fuel.

Circular Economy

The Silvelox system reuses waste materials during subsequent work cycles, preferring water-based paints and thus lowering the percentage of unused resources.

LED lighting

Both plants are illuminated by a sophisticated LED lighting system: excellent performance and wise use of resources.

Learn more about the Arte Sella project and the partnership with Silvelox.

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