Historico doors provided with modern technologies

HISTORICO perfectly combines craftsmanship ability with industrial innovation. The great attention reserved to each detail allows to equip the historic front door with high technology elements.

Pedestrian door

The installation of the pedestrian door facilitates the pedestrian passage, especially useful in the case of very large entrances, free from any floor encumbrances. It is perfectly concealed in the door panel, and doesn’t compromise the aesthetic of the whole door. On request, the pedestrian door can be provided with hydraulic door closer and electric lock, which allows to close the door with the remote controller.


The front door is provided with safety cylinders and a “multipoint” lock. This lock, provided with 3 central locks,
1 upper and 1 lower on the main door, is provided as standard. The rotation of the door on adjustable pins and
provided with bearings enables fluid movements even over the years.


Another accessory that can be provided on request is the letterbox with the external sash in bronzed brass, matching the handles. Dog flap with magnetic polycarbonate opening can also be required.
Both internal and external letterbox

KEY selector with numeric keypad. Digital radio selector to be combined with all rolling code receivers, batteries included.