The pedestrian door is inserted in the middle of the mantle or decentralized on request, the height of the threshold is reduced to 33mm, it is one of the lowest on the market. The pedestrian door inserted into the mantle is available in 3 dimensions of net passage: 800, 900, 1200. The frame is coplanar to the panel and can be required in any RAL color or wood effect as the external mantle. It is available on all the aesthetics and the models, except for the “cassettata” aesthetic. Not available on side sliding series SLS and SLD.

Perfect planarity

Internal and external finger protection system.

Lowered threshold 18 mm including gasket

Available door closer device designed on Germany that allows to blockthe door open using a practical leverage.

If more security is required 3 or 5 lock points latch is available.
Ergonomic handle in aluminum..