Sikura is the Silvelox security door with Class 4 security certification.

Sikura is the entrance door designed to meet the need for maximum protection but versatile in its locking function, both in new construction and renovation contexts.

Its body can be dressed with a wide range of panels to harmonise with the environment and reflect different lifestyles.
Sikura’s versatility is mainly due to the possibility of making single-leaf doors, double-leaf doors with fanlights and transoms, or doors with fixed and glazed sides.

The Class 4 level of protection guarantees the door’s resistance to noisy and persistent burglary attempts by an experienced burglar who may also use drills, saws, axes, hammers, etc. It is suitable for main entrances to villas, isolated houses or shops at particular risk of burglary.

Sikura ensures high performance in terms of efficiency, safety and living comfort


Double gasket on sash and frame and visible waxing

AISI 304 satin-finished stainless steel outer panel fairing