Friday, 09 March 2012 12:00

Silvelox invents a new garage door

Silvelox has launched Overlap, the first trackless sectional garage door


Discover the advantages of an Overlap door:  

More space to your space

  •     The opening mechanism allows maximum use of the garage room and maximum passage opening.
  •     It allows to park the car immediately close to the door, both inside and outside, therefore this door is the perfect solution for garages that are not very deep or that are really close to the street.
  •     In projects with structural encumbrances such as internal beams, vault ceiling and entrances with sharp bend, this can be the only door type that can be installed.

Freedom do choose among many models

  •     Available in a wide range of models both in RAL colours and in varnished wood.
  •     Chance to insert windows and ventilation grills.
  •     It can be personalised following the customer’s needs in the choice of materials, finishes and accessories.

Security and safety

  •     Exclusive Silvelox motorisation with electronic power control.
  •     In case of lack of electricity it’s possible to open the door by hand.
  •     Seal for finger protection positioned at the junction of the panels, between leaf and frame and between leaf and floor.

A lasting purchase

  •     Multi-ecowood panels with 40 mm thickness.
  •     Thermal insulation down to U= 1,14 W/m2K.
  •     Mechanism with balanced counterweights without parts subject to wear.
  •     Warranty up to 10 years.

Silvelox technical staff will be glad to give you further information and to show you all the innovative characteristics of OVERLAP door.

For further information fill the form to ask for an offer or get in touch with us.

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