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We all know that wood, after being cut and carved, remains a natural and alive element that needs to be protected from smog, rain, sun and parasites.

To avoid these attacks, fifteen years ago Silvelox was amongst the first companies to use very high quality water based varnishes and finishes (with a base of water instead of solvent) creating a protective film, which maintains the wood beautiful.

With contents technologically innovative, our Research & Development Team has made this KIT of special resins that will maintain the wood of the door beautiful with a simple yearly regenerative renovation to be applied with a cloth.

The wood renovation kit represents a further element of distinction of Silvelox products because of an innovating concept: wood care is based on the regeneration of the initial thickness of the resin applied on the product, which is worn out by time. In this way the surface is maintained always fresh and active in its protective capacity.

If you would like to receive the renovation kit please download, fill and send us the Accessory purchasing form.

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