Wednesday, 15 February 2012 12:00

Silvelox presents as worldwide preview a new garage door concept

A successful preview for Silvelox!


The innovative sectional garage door without rails on the ceiling found great approbation among the public of Klimahouse of Bolzano. A great satisfaction that gave a prize to years of research followed by the inventiveness and the genius of Silvio Taddei, the founder, supported by Silvelox technical staff.

The mechanics of this innovative garage door is sectional, but without rails on the ceiling and with balanced counterweights. The leaf is composed of two equal sized panels with 40 mm thickness. The rising trajectory is without any external protrusion and with a limited internal encumbrance. With open door, the passage height is reduced by 180 mm, while the occupied ceiling area is approximately half of the door’s height.

The new garage door meets the performance requirements in terms of thermal insulation, noise reduction, wind and water resistance. The production dimension are the ones usually available in the garage doors market.

The range in terms of aesthetics, materials, finishes and accessories is under construction following Silvelox commitment to combine technology, design and customization, that have distinguished Silvelox in its first 50 years of history.

All details coming soon!

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