Thursday, 26 May 2011 12:00

50th anniversary of Silvelox

From 50 years excellence is the key of our doors and team work is the key of our success


PalaLevico dressed with the Silvelox logo was the frame of the event organised Friday 20th May to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Silvelox.

The Taddei family, owner of Silvelox welcomed the 400 guests from Italy and abroad for a special evening.

The mayor of Castelnuovo, Denicolò Lionella  was followed by the official speach of the Presedent of the autonomous province of Trento Lorenzo Dellai that recognised the constant work of Silvelox in a  difficult period for the world wide economy, as it embraced the market challenges, focusing on design, innovation, product diversification and International development.

The recognition of the President of Industrials of Trento region Ilaria Vescovi to Silvelox with a certificate for the results in these 50 years of history, with memories and future projects with the support of the tv journalist Giorgio Tartaro, who summed up past, present and future, from the founder Silvio Taddei and the present President Alberto Taddei, anticipating projects and  product novelties that will be launched in the following months.

In the narration of the story of 50 years  there were emotional moments remembering the people that have made the Silvelox story, as the lecture of a letter written by a person working from a few months in the Company 20 years ago and that today thanks to her hard working efforts has a strategic role in the Silvelox management, Elena Taddei.

The Taddei Family as a gift to the guests offered a concert of the Ensamble Strumentale Scaligero, Professors of the Theatre Scala of Milano for more than 1 hoour of beautiful music.
The evening continued with an elegant dinner and a toast to the 50th anniversary of Silvelox and to a marvellous future.

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