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Silvelox motorisations do not take up any space as they are inserted in the upper crossbar of the frame, and masked by a cover. Remote controls are available with two or four channels and rolling code ID protection. Rolling code is the very latest generation of cloning and hacker-proof technology that can be incorporated into a remote control. Devices and electromechanic motorisations are patented.



Pedestrian dooracc-rich-porta-pedonale

A pedestrian door offers easy and quick access to the garage without having to operate the whole garage door. At the same time, it offers  equal burglar resistance to the main door in which it is placed.
Hardly identifiable as a separate door, it is opened with an anticlockwise turn of the main garage door handle. For convenience, the internal handle has red and green indicators, so you can see at a glance whether or not the door is locked.
The use of 2 horizontal and 2 vertical bolts, that slide into position when the door closes, guarantees maximum security against intruders, while a perimeter seal protects against the ingress of rain.
A hidden hinge system enhances the clean lines of the door further and allows it to be opened to a full 90° for ease of access. Furthermore, the height of the threshold has been reduced to the minimum that is technically possible.




To give light and air to the garage, the door can be ordered with windows inserted in the panel, with 6 mm double metacrilate sheet, embossed finish. In alternative, on request, we can supply external glass against break 3+3 mm thick.




Ventilation gridsacc-rich-griglie-aerazione1

Also on request, we can insert at the bottom of the door pre-painted metal grills with louvers, brown coloured, developed to blend with the design of the door.



Transom and window transomacc-rich-sopralzo-sopraluce

If the entire wall opening height is not needed, a transom can close the upper part with a similar finish to the door itself. Minimum height 200 mm for models: VIP - FOR - OLD. For better internal lighting, a window transom is available with fixed or tilting windows.





Letter boxacc-rich-portalettere

If the door is also used as entrance door we can design in a letter box with an external flap in the same finish as the door handle.






Rotated counterweightsacc-rich-rotazione-contrappesi

When manoeuvring a car in or out of a garage, particularly at an angle, every centimetre counts. To allow a slightly more sideways approach we can, on request, turn the counterweight fabrication through 90° and locate it adjacent to the frame on one or both sides of the garage door.



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