Continuous innovation: a winning philosophy to always be at the top

The continuous research & development activity made possible for Silvelox to improve its range of products, strengthening its role of leader in high quality door market.

An innovation that involves the functional and aesthetical aspects of garage doorentrance door and interior door, and that developed new architectural solutions such as W_Concept for external settings and the Skin system for internal settings. Not to be forgotten the industrialisation of double leaf door production processes, maintaining the uniqueness of a handmade product.

Each component of Silvelox doors is the result of a specific and detailed product study.

Each phase, from planning to manufacturing and varnishing, is carried out by computerised systems that guarantee a top level qualitative standard.

Following to these phases, assemblage and touching up are performed with a great artisan care, in accordance to the company tradition and history.

In the final stage each Silvelox door is checked by hand. Expert hands tests and adjust the perfect functioning of each element and check the quality of the final product.

That's man who works for man.

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