Why wood?

Wood is a noble and very resistant material

Wood plays an important role in the struggle against climate change .Trees reduce carbonic anhydride present in the atmosphere. As a matter of fact, one cubic meter of forest absorbs one ton of CO2. A more frequent use of wood products could accelerate the expansion of European forests and reduce the emission of Greenhouse gas by substituting the products with high fossil fuel content. The European Commission is currently examining the modality to encourage this trend.
(European Commission of Companies DG, 2003)

Wood has also numerous advantages that can justify a more important use:
• It is a renewable material;
• It is a material that can easily be worked;
• It is an aesthetically beautiful material;
• It is a light material;
• It is an insulating material;
• It is a very resistant material;
• It is a material that can be glued, and therefore have different measures;
• It has a large range of variety that can adapt to every climate and altitudes;
• Its quality has been proved for ages;
• It can be preserved, especially if treated;
• It can be produced in industrial cultivations;
• It can be recycled;
• It can be used for combustion;
• It can be biologically and genetically improved;
• It can be varnished;
• It protects from earth quakes.
(Serramenti & Falegnameria n°18, March 2008)

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