Incorporated energy

Wood: incorporated energy and reduction of CO2

Wood: an energy saving material

Currently, there is no other construction material commonly employed in the construction industry that requires such little energy of production as wood.

Thanks to photosynthesis, trees are able to capture the CO2 present in the air and to add it to water coming from the ground to produce an organic material, wood.

This process of photosynthesis also produces oxygen. All the oxygen we breathe, on which is based every kind of animal and human life, comes from the photosynthesis activity of plants and trees.

The production and the treatment of wood are highly efficient (from an energetic point of view), giving a lower carbonic content to wood products. Wood can also be used to substitute materials like steel, aluminium, concrete or even plastic, that need a huge quantity of energy to be transformed.

Most of the cases, the energy necessary for the transformation or the transport is less than the energy accumulated by photosynthesis in forests.

Forests that are managed by men are more efficient carbonic containers than those left at their natural state. Younger trees, in their maximum phase of development, absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere than older trees that will die or degrade in their natural journey releasing the CO2 accumulated for years.

Cutting trees allows the C02 absorbed during the years to remain in the wooden product and do not be released.

Consequently, controlled deforestation gives the opportunity for wood to become a raw material for wood products that accumulate the CO2 without spreading it in the atmosphere.

Products made with wood therefore become carbon containers, even if they no longer absorb the CO2 from the atmosphere, and they play an important role to increase the efficiency of forests areas. Independently from the life of the product, the CO2 remains accumulated in the wood.

Actually, increasing the use of wood is a simple way to reduce the climate change.

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