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The garage doors in high gear

The garage doors in high gear
Imagine looking at your car and thinking: "What a beautiful car!"
Now look at the house, "Mmmm, the garage... it needs something."

A garage isn’t just an empty space to be closed, your garage is like your car, why?
a1sx2_Thumbnail2_GARAGE_vista_interna_2_20140613-072702_1.jpgThere are different kinds of cars just like there are different doors for garages. Silvelox, for example, have up-and-over doors and Overlap garage doors.
The first is made of a single panel that opens upwards with an auto lift up effect to make it easier to open the door. Think of a gorgeous sports car with a vertical opening garage door.
The second model, the Overlap garage door, is composed of two horizontal panels which on opening they fold back on one another running upwards.
Another comparison between cars and garage doors is the engine. Imagine a beautiful sports car with a visible engine.
That wouldn’t be asthetically pleasing and would ruin the overall design as well as the aero dynamics. This can also be applied to Silvelox garage doors (up-and-over and Overlap garage doors) because the motor isn’t visible but hidden in the upper bar of the door frame, your garage won’t look like the local mechanics’ but it will become the home of your car, bicycle and your passions.
The mechanics of the up-and-over and Overlap doors works on weights placed on the sides of the door, which create the perfect balance allowing to open the door keeping it balanced in all positions.
This system is there to assist the opening of the door; just as oil is vital for the engine of a car, so the engine will it last longer.
a1sx2_Thumbnail2_OVERLAP-semi-aperta-vista-interna.jpga1sx2_Thumbnail5_OVERLAP-traiettoria-con-vettura-2_20140613-072922_1.jpgOne of the many advantages of the innovative Overlap doors is it doesn’t need ceiling guides and the panels disappear reducing the impact of the door into the space of the garage.
This guarantees that you can park your car close to the door both internally and externally, ideal for smaller garages and those based on the street.
The inside space of your garage is more spacious, clean and elegant just like the inside of your car.
Accessories make a difference in cars and it’s the same with garages, Silvelox offers a wide range of colours, glass, handles and motorisation for both inside and outside garage doors.



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