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Overlap Sectional Garage Door: Great Form & Style

Overlap Sectional Garage Door: Great Form & Style

Your home is an extension of your personality and reflects your sense of style.

A house that measures up to one's aesthetic standards is the dream of almost every homeowner.

A plush car often adds to the overall beauty of a home setting. However, having an unsightly garage can be a damper.

A swanky garage door adds immeasurably to the exterior decor of your house and increases its value manifold.

porte garage sectionelle Overlap

Choosing the right type of door to install in your garage can be a very important decision.

There are several considerations to make, foremost of which is ease of operation.

Every car owner wants the most effective kind of garage door that serves the purpose of safely housing a vehicle.

However, the qualification must not end with just functionality.

As the door serves the facade, it helps to keep in mind the aesthetic factor as well.

Overlap sectional garage doors from Silvelox bring together beauty and technology in the most innovative manner.

Designed for the residential market, it is an ideal product to enhance the garage space.

porte de garage sectionelle OverlapCrafted to save space, it is easy to operate and presents the perfect solution for anyone looking for a great garage door.

The beautifully engineered door has a unique opening mechanism that enables maximum utilization of available space.

The door goes up, divides in half and turns below the ceiling to split in two sections, the lower one slides below the upper one to open the door.

This kind of door enables space optimization due to decreased internal dimensions.

Unlike other garage doors, sectional doors have good space.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about scratches in your car as you drive in and out of the garage.

The doors use lightweight hardware options that work to improve your garage exteriors and ensure both security and safety. It comprises a steel frame at the sides and top that serves as a kind of track through which the garage door slides when lifted open.

Silvelox makes available a wide range of accessories too for the garage door making it easier and simpler to use. The company has been in business for several years and specializes in a wide array of styles. The beautiful doors are made with carefully selected materials and are embellished with features to create the perfect abode for your prized car.



For any homeowner looking to upgrade his garage door, Overlap sectional garage doors from Silvelox, is the best choice.

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