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Medea 3T: the revolutionary new door by Silvelox.

Medea 3T: the revolutionary new door by Silvelox.


Medea 3T, the treble jamb security door, is the newest issue by Silvelox, the major player in the home security sector. 

Medea 3T is three times as secure and able to provide the highest security standards for your home, the goods therein contained and its inhabitants. This revolutionary door boasts the best in security technology, sustainable materials and effective protection. These assets make Medea 3T a unique and truly game-changing item in the sector.



The innovative patent consists in three jambs; the anti-tampering security cylinders are top of the range (Anti-tampering Class 3). The floor-fitting frame and the treble door jamb structure ensure perfect sound proofing and energy-efficient heat management. The real innovation comes also in the use of the latest production technologies for its frame devoid of weld joints. This renders the Medea 3T ecologically sustainable, as it safeguards the environment and human health and well-being. A leader in the security door sector, Silvelox offers a peerless blend of specialised manufacturing expertise and tech innovation, reliability and professionalism thanks to its fifty years' experience


Safety, effectiveness and design excellence - this is Silvelox.

The Medea 3T door is encapsulated in Silvelox's never ending search for meticulous detailrigorous designs and the utmost security and safety. Like all the other Silvelox products, this innovative new door represents the perfect compromise between the strictest safety and the sophisticated style and design. This premium combination lends itself extremely well to enhancing and complementing any home and dwelling. 

The new and innovative safety door can be personalised according to the requirements and taste of the customer. Thanks to the flexibility of customisation, the Medea 3T can fit in seamlessly in any architectural setting. Its sleek lines complement any kind and period of furniture and furnishings. The door can be further customised with an electronic lock accessible via a Keypad or with the latest biometric fingerprint scanners for the ultimate secure access to the premises.


Thanks to a long and passionate artisanal and craft excellence of its maker, the professionalism of dedicated Silvelox staff and the dedication to the best and latest safety features and technologies, the Medea 3T door represents the vanguard in home security. The door's outstanding features comprise its optimal resilience against all tampering attempts, sound proofing excellence, air permeability, wind resistance, total waterproofing and thermal transmittance. These characteristics make the Medea T3 door an exclusive 'first' in the field of home security - where only the highest level of performance matters.

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