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Overlap Plus becomes Securlap

Overlap Plus becomes Securlap

Overlap Plus the advanced ceiling trackless opening system with a limited internal protrusion, during the last years has received many technical and design updates

Today, and after the recent UL certification acquirement and the anti-burglar resistance test in progress, it is a high performance product with a high security level which deserve to be named SECURLAP.


With Securlap the internal space use of the garage is improved and the garage passageway is optimized in both height and width. The Clear passage height is the garage door external frame height - 200mm. Securlap opening allows for close parking inside and out and gives a greater headroom clearance to accommodate high vehicles, it is ideal for limited depth garage.

Securlap sectional door with its unique mechanical system, suites all applications and architectural types. It is suitable for the different renovation applications and buildings types. It suites so as special applications with garages characterized by sloppy ceilings, low beams, irregular internal side walls.

Securlap is available in many different styles, from vertical grooved traditional design to modern geometric figures combinations, with wooden texture unrivalled creative touch. Securlap is also available in coloured finishes, lacquered by water based ecologic products, or veneered by different prestigious woods.



New Securlap Yugen

An innovation which has been presented lately at the Made expo exhibition is the lacquered finish with metallic aspect from Yugen collection.

It is an aesthetic based on a wood lacquering process with special painting material with metallic finish aspect. A stylish design related to the Buddhist concept of Kan. The possibility to see something universal and immutable (in this case the timber) behind something which is looked at (in this case metallic finish lacquer).

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