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MADE EXPO 2017 - From 8 to 11 March

MADE EXPO 2017 - From 8 to 11 March

Silvelox presents a design journey which, for the Made Expo 2017, combines between the values ​​of the traditional Made-in-Italy wood with Japanese aesthetics.
The company's history, and the present prospects, are what make Silvelox a brand reference in the garage doors world, security front doors and high-end architectural systems, with the ability to bring together aesthetics and design with anti-burglary technology, and energy-saving solutions.

The combination between tradition and innovation sum up the new aesthetic lines for Silvelox claddings which will be presented at Milan’s “Made Expo 2017” (8-11 March), enhancing styles and trends for contemporary architecture starting from prestigious wood, proposed in innovative and sought-after finishes.
It is a research study inspired by Japanese culture, which considers aesthetics to be an integral part of tradition and everyday life, and which seeks harmony in all things, in all its aspects. This vision of the Japanese world regards the beauty of simplicity as designed in harmony with nature and its essential elements.

The new covering lines are inspired by these Japanese aesthetic ideals:

  • Sugi is born from the use of aged wood available in smooth or milled panels, suitable for adding character to garage doors, entrance doors, and facades cladding, with a strong customization whereby fire does not damage but preserves, thereby conferring a sophisticated finish that uses the surface charring of wood as an ancient technique for its conservation.
  • Wabi Sabi uses aged wood, embellishing with studded features. In keeping with the Japanese philosophy, the emphasis here is on the natural simplicity of wood by matching it with the elegant rustic maturity that is acquired over time.
  • Iki is sometimes translated as "chic" or "stylish" without being pretentious. At the same time, though, the concept implies something very sensual. For Silvelox, it is a textile effect on a wooden base, suitable for aesthetic design solutions and applied to security doors.
  • Miyabi is a refined 3D-effect aesthetic solution which rejects rusticity and imperfection, and creates a refined and elegant effect.
  • Yugen is an aesthetic line which starts out from a wooden base and is painted by a metallic-effect paint. It is an aesthetic model that takes up the Buddhist concept of kan or the ability to see something universal and unchanging (in this case, wood) in whatever you are observing (in this case, metal paint).
  • Shibusa refers to the highest form of beauty; it combines the contrasting features of "roughness" with "sophistication", expressed in a wooden aesthetic proposal with a concrete effect.

As well as the new aesthetic line, Silvelox presents new entrance doors solutions:
In_Wall is a security door installed flush with the interior wall, ideal for minimalist contexts where the door's simplicity is in keeping with the walls without needing architraves to the cover the frame.
In_Space, a pivoting door-opening system which can produce large and strong-personality openings for prestigious entrance ways.

The result of Silvelox's R&D department over the last year, for those who want their garage doors, entrance doors and façades coated with strongly individual materials for their homes of today and tomorrow.

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