For more than 100 years Silvelox has been present in the door market, expanding at an international level

Silvelox is located in Castelnuovo Valsugana (Trento - Italy) and it is run by the Managing Director Alberto Taddei, assisted by his sister Elena and supported by a qualified managing team.

Indeed, behind this major industrial achievement there's a long story of manufacture expertise, which goes back over a century.

This story begins at the end of the 19th century, when engineer Giacomo Tamanini, who is the director of Cortina d'Ampezzo's Imperial Regia Industrial School, takes with him his nephew, Giulio Rizzi, and advises him to study in Vienna, where he specialises in the timber craft. Giulio, after his uncle's death in 1899, chooses Pergine Valsugana (in the province of Trento) as the centre of his activity, and opens an artisan's workshop where many local young people find work. They learn how to work, treat, and carve timber, and very soon become expert craftsmen. Giulio Rizzi, who is a citizen of the utmost integrity, holds prestigious posts in the local community.

Among other things he promotes the foundation of the first school for apprentices in Trentino. After his death in 1955 he leaves two daughters. One of them is married to accountant Mario Taddei, who will do his best to prevent the company from closing down by involving the same workers. All this is done while waiting for his elder son, Silvio Taddei, (Giulio Rizzi's grandson) to complete his studies and gain the necessary experience and specialisation in Germany.

The company is handed over to young Silvio Taddei in 1960. One year later, he accepts the proposals of Vogt and Schutz, two German manufacturers, and sets up a parallel business, called “Prefabbricati Velox”. His intention is to search for new systems to conceive building: the result is the prefab, that is a timber-cement panel for buildings and a garage door which is revolutionary for its times. The door has been designed and patented by the partner Jacob Vogt.

A few years after setting up this business, Silvio Taddei is in a position to buy out his German partners' shares, including the precious patent for the garage door. In 1979 the company is converted into Silvelox Spa, and the factory is extended to almost four thousand square meters. In the meantime, the product “up & over garage door” becomes well established and highly in demand thanks to constant technical and aesthetic innovations which are made.

Nonetheless, the further need to expand production is not met by the factory in Pergine. Therefore, waiting for an area suitable for these needs, in 1983 Silvelox Spa decentralises a part of its production at Cavaion Veronese.

In the early 90's Silvio Taddei has the chance to buy out an industrial area in Castelnuovo Valsugana equipped with a sawmill, lofts and offices: after buying out the whole complex, the production of raw material and timber semi finished components for garage doors is started, providing materials and parts for the production points of Pergine and Cavaion Veronese.

In the years '93-'94 Silvelox further develops its industry. Somewhat reluctantly, the Company leaves the historical headquarters of Pergine and manages to concentrate the whole production at Castelnuovo Valsugana, where it is now operating.

In 2000 a new phase of commercial development begins with the penetration of international markets that immediately appreciate the high quality of Silvelox products. The company evolution is based on the growth of its employees and in this direction begins a strong act to develop human resources and business management.

In 2003 Silvelox reorganises the production units, trains the after sales centres and the sales network and is therefore ready to diversify its offer. The Silvelox entrance door production begins. In the same year Silvelox decides to strengthen its knowledge on security doors with the acquisition of a company of this sector, Rizzi & C. at Fombio (LO). Industrialisation process has started and Silvelox approaches the market with new ambitious objectives and with the logic of Customer service, for customers who wish to add value to their home.

At the beginning of 2006 Domina, high profile company in the internal doors sector, enters the Silvelox Group.

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